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Sandvik DI550

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Description du produit

The Sandvik Leopard DI550 is the first representative of the new advanced Sandvik down-the-hole drilling rig generation standing clearly out from the crowd for its top productivity and very low energy consumption in its class. Equipped with the latest technology, it offers great usability, efficient rig operation and low operating costs.

With its 328 kW diesel engine and a 24.4 m³ compressor airflow at 24-bar pressure, it is a perfect match for the 5" DTH hammer. All power is fully utilized, translating into low energy consumption, low operating costs and top productivity. The rig performs efficiently and economically also with 4" and 6" hammers. On top of high performance and productivity, the machine offers a first class operator environment with solutions that enable seamless interaction of man and machine: the operator handles drilling and the automation takes care of all machine controls.

Main applications of the Leopard DI550 include production drilling, quarry/mine development and wall control.

Features and benefits:

  • Perfect match for the 5" hammer
  • First-rate fuel economy
  • Low operation costs
  • Modern and accurate control system
  • Unobstructed component layout、



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